Curtis Jacobson

Curtis Jacobson is available for freelance automotive writing, photography, marketing and web design assignments.

As editor and webmaster of two popular websites - and - Curtis has honed his skills in research, writing, photography, marketing, and communications. He is also expert in website design and very skilled in graphic design. (Curtis occasionally uses Adobe "Dreamweaver" for web design, but because of his strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, he usually finds "hand-coding" more efficient. He uses Adobe's CS5 Suite, especially Photoshop, on a daily basis.) Curtis has also created numerous websites on a freelance basis, and can provide references.

Automotive experience: in college, Curtis co-founded and was elected Captain of Virginia Tech's Formula SAE team which built two exceptionally quick open-wheeled, motorcycle-engined racecars and raced very successfully against other universities from across the United States. Curtis was hired by Volvo Truck's North American division, and served with distinction in their Purchasing and Engineering departments respectively over the course of twelve years. Curtis served on Volvo's accident investigation team in the mid-1990's, and as the sole Electrical Engineer on the small "skunk works" team that created Volvo's breakthrough flagship "770" model (a seventy-seven inch sleeper!) In later years, Curtis was responsible for coordinating construction of technology demonstration / prototype trucks and for testing their various innovations. Curtis was also assigned to represent Volvo at eleven trade shows, at various customer focus groups, and at product launches. He represented Volvo's Engineering department, helping Volvo staff and customers get answers to technical questions. Curtis left Volvo to start-up a children's toy manufacturing business in Colorado where he now resides. Curtis is an avid sportscar and racing enthusiast, and particularly enjoys updating and driving the MGB-based hot-rod he first converted to aluminum-V8 power over twenty years ago.

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